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Clay 3D Printer built by Jonathan Keep

For a whole week, maker, potter and artist Jonathan Keep built a clay 3D printer, for the us to keep and use! Jonathan says: “I have long used computer software to develop new ceramic forms. With an interest in the hidden numerical code that underpins all nature, I have developed a working process whereby the shapes of these pots are written in computer code. This digital information is passed to a studio based DIY 3D printer that I have adapted to print in clay. Layer by layer the pots are printed out – a sort of mechanical pottery coil building. After printing, the ceramic is fired and glazed in the normal way.” Based on the delta type of 3D printer, his design aims to use parts that can be made fairly easily with basic tools and skills or can be ordered online. This design is specifically for printing with clay but it could be adapted to work with other materials too. The design is open source and can be found here: Members dropped in throughout the week to see how Jonathan was getting on, and even help build it.